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Wiki/Blog Content Management System in PHP

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016 - English

WikyBlog is a CMS/Groupware application written in PHP/MySQL that wires community oriented altering elements of wikis with easy to understand distributed qualities of websites. MediaWiki inferred wiki linguistic structure, AJAX upgraded, UTF8 and extendable (google maps).

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Intended for velocity and convenience, WikyBlog has a one of a kind AJAX improved tabbed interface that empowers clients to see and alter various documents inside of the same page. Custom formats, document connections, an adaptable client benefit framework, and Google Maps number among its numerous components.

At the center of a wiki application is the capacity to work together. The default settings for WikyBlog permit anybody to make and alter documents making an ideal domain for joint effort. Alternatively, consents can be doled out to sorts of documents and particular records to constrain coordinated effort to sets of clients for a more controlled environment.



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